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capable     embodied




An 8-week 1:1 coaching program to:

  • improve body awareness

  • cultivate confidence in your workouts + daily movement

  • mobilize + strengthen your body

  • reduce pain, stiffness, + potential for (re) injury

  • build a healthy relationship with movement + your body

I'm in!

Why Capable + Embodied?

The health + fitness industry can be super confusing and difficult to navigate, especially for anyone who struggles with chronic pain. 

When you live with pain (or chronic soreness, stiffness), trying to figure out an approach to movement and fitness can be intimidating, discouraging, and frustrating. I've found that a balanced approach rooted in love and curiosity is key.

That's why I created the Capable + Embodied program!

I want to help you feel more confident on your fitness journey and in your own body's capabilities. We will work together over the course of 8 weeks to create a sustainable approach to your movement practices, increase mobility and build functional strength, all while improving the mindset you have around your body and movement.

What you'll learn by working with me:

  • proper body mechanics that can be applied to any workout program

  • how to minimize your potential for injury and reduce pain from movement

  • tailored exercises for your particular needs

  • how and when to work out even if you're experiencing pain

  • improved movement confidence

  • a basic understanding of functional mobility and strength principles

  • how to change your mindset around pain and cultivate a healthier, happier relationship to your body and to your health

  • easy-to-use movement tips for everyday life

  • embodied biomechanical learning (going beyond textbook anatomy)

  • a balanced approach to movement and wellness

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What you get with the program:

  • 1 personalized movement learning session per week

  • Unlimited support through Voxer

  • Weekly "homework" assignments to keep you engaged + accountable

  • Free access to all the classes in Heart of The Lioness Studio for 8 weeks

This program is for you if:

  • ​you struggle to find a fitness program that doesn't aggravate your pain

  • you're hypermobile and struggle with chronic joint pain and repetitive injuries

  • you're recovering from an injury and want outside help to get you moving again

  • you often feel unsure if you're doing exercises correctly

  • you've injured yourself before with other fitness programs

  • you're intimidated by most fitness programs you see online

  • you want to improve your relationship with your body

  • you want to change your mindset around fitness to be more fun and playful

  • you want an embodied learning experience 

  • you're ready to feel strong, capable, and more embodied

I'm ready!

Cost + Paymet Options

$1600 paid in full or

x2 monthly payments of $800

Once the contract is signed, there are no refunds. In case of a life emergency, you can place our sessions on a "hold" for up to 6 months.