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Client Testimonials

"Adrienne is the best! I love that her massages always focus on helping me recover from any injuries and stay feeling my best! The environment is always peaceful and makes me feel rejuvenated!"

Kimberly N.

Adrienne has been my go-to therapist for almost two years now, I believe! With a history of injury and back surgery, asking with long covid now, I struggle with pain on a constant basis. I rarely go more than 3 weeks between visits. Adrienne assesses your pain and uses different tools, including cupping, if needed/ desired. Her care has enabled me to keep moving and manage my pain which has preserved my mobility. I've recommended her to family and friends and have always had good feedback.

Tabetha M.

"I have been working with Adrienne for 5 years and feel grateful for every single session we work together. I would say that [in] each session, she continues to listen to my needs and help my body recover on many levels. [I am...] Loving that she has added Gua Sha and cupping recently! Her set-up is professional and comfortable both in-home and when she comes to my home as well.

Thank you [so] much for all you do, Adrienne!"

Jessica C.

"Adrienne is beyond GREAT! She excels as a professional, educated and caring massage therapist. She is top notch!! Adrienne is also an amazing yoga instructor! I have been under her care in both categories for several years now. She has helped me to attain and maintain the best "me" I can be. Thank you Adrienne."
Thank you [so] much for all you do, Adrienne!"

Debbie L.

"Adrienne is a great [yoga] instructor and has really helped me understand my body. She makes class easy to follow with her articulation of postures, posture adjustments, and suggestions of alternative poses. She is a great instructor for all levels of capability and will guide you to feeling great."

Ricky K.

"Adrienne is a friendly and professional massage therapist. She always ensures that I am comfortable, checks on my health status and concerns, and adjusts the table perfectly. I enjoy the soft, relaxing music on her playlists.  Adrienne uses her extensive skill and knowledge to help release tension, and I always leave feeling great!  I highly recommend The Lioness Touch."

Anne-Marie P.

Adrienne is amazing! (I told her today that she's magic!) I'm recovering from a 3 disc fusion in my neck that was done on the 12th of December - much muscle soreness, pain mostly involving my neck, shoulders, and down my back. Adrienne is so careful, gentle and respectful of your limits. I highly recommend her - she does so much more than massage, as well. Check her out!

Carol C.

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