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On-demand movement classes that support your everyday life.

7-Day Free Trial


Hassle-free, joint-friendly yoga classes and workouts.
No commitments.
Cancel anytime.

If you're here, you might have tried a yoga class where you find yourself attempting bendy, gymnastic-style postures, thinking to yourself, "How on earth...?"
Or...Maybe you've been a long-time yoga practitioner and love the practice but find that your joints feel achy, or you still have back pain despite being consistent.

That's because,
unpopular opinion time, despite its reputation, most mainstream yoga is not all that "functional" for everyday movement and life. There, I said it! *gasp*


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Enter Heart of The Lioness Studio, an online functional yoga + movement studio which offers a wide variety of on-demand classes that blend yoga, mobility work, corrective exercise, and resistance training. 

 This is real-life yoga for real-life people.

It's a different way to yoga ;) One that focuses on functional movements to help improve the way you move on and, more importantly, off the mat!

Because chances are, you don't really care if you can put your leg behind your head, but you DO care about being able to live your life!

The classes in this studio are designed to help you get stronger and more mobile through movements you need to perform you can feel capable and empowered, on and off the mat!

Get access to a diverse library of on-demand, joint-supportive classes that will help you build the foundations of sustainable, lifelong yoga practice.


 Membership Benefits 


movements + workouts

on-demand classes let you practice anytime, anywhere 

diverse + accessible classes for any fitness level

free access to all corrective  + functional movement programs

heart of the lioness studio website imag
  • Fully streamable class library with short-length movement snack classes to full-length practices that fit any schedule!

  • Classes are designed to improve joint health, build strength and flexibility, and reduce tightness, pain, and the potential for injury.


  • Not just yoga! The class library includes yoga classes, mobility + corrective exercises, strength + resistance training, kettlebells, foam roller + self-massage tutorials, and more!

  • Guided meditations and mindfulness exercises

  • Personal modification support calls

  • 10% member discounts on any individualized programs + workshops

  • 5 new classes drop every three-month cycle under a studio theme! (May-July: Creativity + The Brain) 

 Frequently Asked Questions 

1.  Do I need any equipment or props for the classes in Heart of The Lioness Studio?

That depends. There are classes in the studio that don't require any equipment, and options are often given to modify if you don't have the necessary props. That being said, here are a few props and pieces of equipment you might find helpful:

  • a yoga mat or towel

  • x2 yoga blocks (books or tissue boxes can often be used)

  • a yoga blanket

  • a yoga bolster

  • a yoga strap (or a belt, scarf)

  • 1 light~medium kettlebell or weight (a weight you can press overhead)

  • 1 medium~heavy kettlebell or weight

  • a set of lightweight dumbbells (1-5 lbs.)

  • a foam roller

  • massage balls or tennis or lacrosse balls

  • resistance bands (full-length and mini-loops)

2. How do I access the class library and watch the classes?

All the classes are streamable through my membership site platform (Podia). Once you are a member, you can search for classes under "Products," select which class you'd like to take, and push play! If you have any issues streaming or viewing the classes, you can always email me at, and I'd be happy to help.

3. What if I have an injury or disability?

Adrienne always recommends that you check with your physician before starting any new physical routine. If you have been deemed safe to practice yoga and/or lift weights and use resistance bands, then you can practice at Heart of The Lioness Studio! Classes are designed to be accessible, and there are chair yoga class options, as well as wrist and knee-friendly classes. If you have an injury or experience pain during a pose or exercise, Adrienne offers free personal modification support calls. Just reach out to her through her email at to set up your free *members only* call and she can help you modify your practice based on your needs.

4. Are the classes live or pre-recorded?

All classes in Heart of The Lioness Studio are currently pre-recorded and on-demand. No live classes are offered as a part of the membership.

5. How do I cancel my membership?

Cancel anytime! No commitments. When you cancel, you will be allowed to finish out your billing cycle before your membership ends. 

6. How do I get in touch if I need help or support?

You can message Adrienne through the membership site, or you can email her at and she will get back to you within 48 hours.

7. How do I log in to the membership site?

The membership site is separate from this website. You can log in to your account by clicking this link here, and you'll see a button that says "Login" in the upper right corner. The website address for the Heart of The Lioness Studio membership is:


Join The Pride at Heart of The Lioness Studio and start moving and feeling better today!

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