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The Shifts of Spring

On Thursday March 19th, springtime will officially be here with the spring equinox. As we begin to welcome spring, rains continue to wash away the old and create an environment for the growth of new life. This is a great time to harness this natural energy in your own life.

New energy. New directions. New perspectives. New challenges. New growth. This is the time. This is your time.

The days begin to grow longer, and we start to shed our layers as new life emerges from the depths of winter reflection. We've had the long nights of winter to take pause and reflect. Now, it's time to turn those reflections into action! There are some major shifts happening, universally and individually, so if you're feeling this right now, you're not alone. The good news is you're in tune with nature's rhythms. So even if some of the changes and shifts feel unsettling or scary (because change often does), they could be really great opportunities-if you let them be.

Change is going to happen. The universe keeps moving whether or not you're ready. If things waited until they were ready; if the universe waited for you to be ready, nothing would ever happen. More often than not you just have to start, before you ever feel ready.

If you resist or deny the changes afoot, there will be undeniable suffering. Because suffering is just a result of denying what is. The longer you resist, the more you grow out of alignment with your soul, and with the universe.

Your soul desires change and growth, but your ego wishes things would stay predictable and comfortable. Your ego doesn't like fear or change because those things challenge your very being and your very essence. In spaces of change or fear, you are asked to face uncomfortable parts of yourself. Your ego would like nothing more than to put on ear muffs and drown out the discomfort. It will yell obnoxiously that everything is fine, despite the world as you know it burning down all around you.

But if you listen carefully, you can hear your soul whispering... "Lean into the discomfort. It will be alright. You will be alright. You've outgrown where you are, you are meant for more. You are so much more. It's time."

You see, so often the underlying feelings of discomfort are a signal from the universe; a signal that you are not meant for where you are, anymore. The longer you stay there, the more uncomfortable you will become. Even though your can ego scream very loudly, the whispers of your soul are persistent, and they can not, and will not, be ignored forever.

Do you feel change in the air? Do you feel energy shifting, within you and around you? Are you experiencing a dull (or maybe not-so-dull) nagging feeling that something is just off? Listen to it. Welcome it. Embrace it, however different, scary, or unsettling it may be. You know it's time. You know, deep down, you're ready for what's in store for you. It's time to make space for the new by letting go of the old. If the universe trusts that you are ready (which it does, otherwise you wouldn't have that nagging feeling), you can trust in yourself. I trust in you. I believe in you. So believe in yourself. You got this.

Blossom, you beautiful flower, you.

Stay tuned for part two of this blog post, where I will share some things you can do to create space in your life and signal to the universe that you are open to change!

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