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Keeping Faith in the Future

Well, my friends, life is quite strange right now. Change seems like the new constant anymore. The world is igniting all around us.

I know there is a lot happening, and so much information out there. It can all be very overwhelming. Many of us are struggling, and some more than others. Many of us are doing well, all things considered, but still feel affected by the state of the world, and maybe feel a little sad, anxious, frustrated, uncertain, even afraid (all normal). Throughout all of this, I just want you all to remember that fire is transformative. And though the world may seem to be burning little by little all around, keep hope and vision in your hearts for transformation that will change our future for the better.

[Also, do your best to make your actions match your vision, otherwise it's a just little counterproductive. Don't worry, you don't have to be perfect at just have to try.] As the new year approached in 2019, I remember reading that 2020 would be a year of clarity. I sensed that 2020 would be a powerful year, but I never could have imagined how. I do believe this year is giving us 2020 vision (full pun intended), as it seems as if the "veil" is thinner, and we can no longer ignore or hide away truth anymore. These times have made me think often of a concept in Hindu culture called Maya. Maya is essentially the physical and material world. She is considered to be almost like a fog, hiding the spiritual truths from the physical realm. Maya serves as a distraction from ourselves. She makes us think that knowledge and happiness come from material things, and not from within us. She makes us believe in division, seperation, and "us vs them."

Well, this year, it seems as if these illusions and distractions--aka the fog--is being burned away by sparks of truth, and the fire we feel in our hearts. I believe that, in the long run, there will be good things to come of everything that is happening now. As a healer, I'd like to remind you that wounds fester when they are not dealt with. We only begin to heal when we acknowledge our fears, our weaknesses, and our darkness. 2020 has illuminated many of our deepest wounds and fears. All the sudden, many of us are waking up and sensing that things are not right, or facing our own sense of mortality, or faith in a system that hasn't served us. Everyone is handling it differently, but I think all of us are confronting some deep, dark aspects of ourselves and of society (and having to sit with it, because we have the time).

This is okay, and I would argue it's even good thing. This is part of the healing process. We have been ignoring, but we can't continue to ignore any longer. It is okay to feel whatever it is are feeling, and going through whatever it is you are going through. It's okay if you feel bad, because sometimes it has to hurt to heal. But also remember to keep faith. 2020 is the year of clear visualize the future you want to see when this all ends!

How can we do better? How can we be better? What has been illuminated for you during this time?

What do you want to see change as we move forward? I am going to hold a vision for love in my heart. Where humans work together and have community, resources, and purpose. A future where we all find our connection--back to ourselves, to each other, to the Earth, and to Spirit.

Please hold your vision in your hearts, too. Set your intention for the world as we move through this, and eventually, out of this. We can persevere, and although sometimes it feels like forever right now, this is temporary. All things are temporary, and change will continue to happen. There is something else on the other side of this. There is a road forward.

Keep your attention on the road ahead, and let's manifest a better future for ourselves and generations to follow.

Love you all, and continue to be well and be kind.

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