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Learning to Lean into Discomfort

Today...we're getting uncomfortable.

Because you know what I say...wellness is far less about pampering yourself, and far more about the work. (But don’t get me wrong—ain’t nothing wrong with a hot bath and a face mask.)

Being uncomfortable is a necessary and crucial aspect to growth, yet so many of us strive to be the oppositecomfortable. After all, it can be far easier to stay in your comfort zone than to push the edges.

But think how much is sacrificed in the name of comfort—reflect on people you know (including yourself) that have stayed in relationships, or careers, or hometowns, or situations even when they are unsatisfied or unhappy—because the unknown is scarier.

Many times, your gut feeling will nudge you towards the uncomfortable, especially if you are doing something that goes against your personal desires, morals, or your truth.

Yet, staying where you are requires so much less energy and effort in the moment. So often, it can feel easier to accept, to settle, or to ignore.

What if you ask yourself to lean into that uncomfortable feeling? Ask yourself to breathe at the edge of your discomfort. What would happen? What could happen?

Because ya'll...the uncomfortable is WHERE IT’S AT. Growth, change, transformation. Some of the magic in life lies within the edges of your comfort zone.

Humans are very talented at explaining and justifying emotional states, and in doing so, bypass the physical experience of those emotions. Instead of distracting or disassociating, what if you invite them in? What if you embody them?

By that I mean, experience those emotional or mental states in your body. Without a story. Without distraction. Just let it be without thought. Only presence.

Then, begin to notice. What does anger feel like in your body? How about sadness..happiness…grief…anxiety…joy? Where are those feelings of discomfort held in your physical being?

Invite yourself to go deeper. Ask why. Not the superficial why, but the deeper why. Why are you feeling that way? Why are you uncomfortable? Are your beliefs being challenged? Are you scared of something? Are you sad you lost something? Are you feeling unheard, or unseen, or undervalued? Is the truth uncomfortable for you?

Let it in, and let it sit. Be gentle. Remind yourself that your feelings are valid, and you are worthy and loved no matter what arises. Remind yourself to breathe.

Next time you're experiencing something disharmonious, difficult, or challenging, try this:

- Grab your journal, get on your mat. Take a few moments, in a seated position or on your back, and clear your mind.

- Take some deep breaths to anchor yourself to the present.

- Pose the question, “How am I feeling right now?”

- Notice your body. How does it respond? WHERE does it respond? Where are you holding it, where is it’s home?

- Dig deeper. Question. Explore.

- Write in your journal about what comes up.

- Move your body. Give the energy a pathway to be released. Move the parts of your body that have stuck energy. Move into the areas that are resistance.

- All the while, breathe, breathe, breathe.


. Remember, not to push or force. Instead think of it as an open-ended invitation. Open the door, open your mind, open your heart. And see what magical transformations happen.



I love you. Stay well, and stay kind.

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