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Making A Sacred Space - Massage Room Remodel

Well I am finally getting around to making this post about my newly remodeled massage room! I am so grateful that I finished this right before this whole mess of a pandemic, because it has given me the perfect place to film yoga videos and classes.

Timing has a funny way of working out like that sometimes, doesn't it? I had been putting off this room for a couple years, and finally just decided it was time. I, with the help of my friend Sam, redid this whole room in a weekend. It came together so beautifully and it's everything that I could have wanted for my space.

It's important to me that the space I work in feels sacred, as well as reflects me and who I am as a practitioner and a person. I wanted it to feel calm, serene, and professional. As many of you know, I am a lover of the color purple. I have been drawn to it for many years now (it started mainly when I started dying my hair purple back in 2012-ish?).

Shades of purple are spiritually calming. Our 7th chakra, the crown chakra, is the color purple. Our crown chakra is our connection to the universe, the spiritual link between ourselves and universal consciousness. It is representative of spiritual awareness and transformation.

Furthemore, the color purple asks us to follow our intuition. It is the color of royalty, naturally protective and wise. It cultivates an awareness of the world around us, as well as self-awareness. It is both spiritually elevating, and emotionally grounded. A truly divine color.

With that being said, it was a very conscious choice to make my room purple. I want people to feel centered and calm, as well feel connected to something greater than themselves. To know that they are supported by the universe. To know that their intuition is their truth, and to remember that everything and everyone is connected. To feel protected and important and validated. In my opinion, my sacred space communicates that, and most importantly it is a reflection of me, and who I am.

I can't wait for this pandemic to be over so that I can begin to use my massage room again as an actual massage room. But I am so appreciative that it was finished beforehand, because it has been a beautiful space to film my yoga classes in. Maybe I was following my intuition and knew it had to get done. Maybe my subconscious was already preparing for what was to come...maybe(?).

Anyways, I hope you enjoy these pictures of my room, and all the special touches and details I've put in to it. It was truly a labor of love. So much good energy in this room. I look forward to when you all can see it in person.

Sending love and healing energy your way, now, and always.

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