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COVID-19: The Opportunity We Never Knew We Needed.

At this moment, we are living through unprecedented times.

The COVID-19 pandemic has many people on edge, as others continue to take this less seriously than they should. In light of the current state of the world, I want to share my voice in this conversation.

I became a bodyworker and a yoga teacher because I want to help heal this world. I practice this work because I believe that what I and others in this community do is a crucial part of creating real, tangible change. As this virus continues to spread, and as it affects all of our businesses, incomes, and lives I want to continue to be a force for love, healing, and wisdom...because now, our world needs it more than ever.

Right now, we are being asked to put the collective before ourselves in the form of social distancing. I want to be very clear here. Social distancing and staying home/away from people as much as possible is not buying into fear or panic. Social distancing is our best tool right now to stop the fast spread of this virus.

Most of the population will probably, eventually, get this virus. That is the reality. (I heard that eventually 40-70% of the population will contract COVID-19). This, in and of itself, is not something to be terrified over. Education and knowledge around this is good. We should continue to stay updated on how this virus spreads, what we can do to help, and stay vigilant in our hygiene and health practices. The purpose of social distancing is to slow the spread so that healthcare facilities are not overwhelmed with sick patients, and so that the medical scientists have a chance to research this virus and find out how to treat it.

What we should not do is actually panic. We should not go out and buy all the food, or toilet paper, off the shelves. We should not be adopting an "I'm out to get mine" mentality. We should not be obsessively watching the news coverage of this pandemic, as that will only lead to more anxiety and fear. This is harming us more than we are already being harmed. This is unnecessary fear causing unnecessary panic and panic responses.

That being said, it is okay if you feel scared and anxious right now. Many people, including myself, are loosing work and income. The economic implications in this are huge. Not to mention the implications for you personally if you have immunocompromised or elderly people in your home. Being scared right now is a perfectly normal response to everything that is happening.

But my message to you, is that we can make the best of this. Humans are resilient, very capable of adapting, and we find strength in community.

At this moment, we are being asked, nay forced, to slow down. To be quiet, to be mindful, to be empathetic, to be compassionate, to be still. This can truly be a beautiful opportunity, if we let it be. We, especially among the Western worlds, have been so busy, for so long. We hardly allow ourselves time to take a breath.

What if this is the true purpose of this virus?

What if this is meant to show us how to be still? What if this is meant to help us reevaluate where we, as individuals and as a collective, are heading? What if this is asking us to find new, innovative ways to connect with one another, support each other, and even generate income? What if this is meant to grow our compassion for other human beings? What if this is meant to help us be each other, to our planet, and to ourselves?

Humanity is meant for more. I have always known we can do better, and be better. Maybe this is shattering the illusion...allowing people to see that the system that is in place benefits very few. That working together, that helping each other, that being there for each other, that being kind to our planet, and to each other, is the true way to survive.

We are in a time of massive transition. The Shifts of Spring, my last blog post, actually just talked about how changes and shifts are happening and how it's far more beneficial to face the fear during times of change, than to deny it. And man, is that turning out to be true! The whole world is having to completely redirect, refocus, and face this problem head on.

I am personally having to rethink my business. I want, and need, to find ways to continue to connect with my clients and students, online. The internet can really serve a beautiful purpose right now. We can use it to create connection, even if we can't physically be together. We will get through this, especially if we all do our parts to slow the spread.

I will be using this time to work on my online presence, build a online community, and create online yoga classes, and programs. Being who I am and doing what I do, I feel a responsibility and purpose to continue to contribute goodness and wellness to this world. I am committed to that, and to you.

I love you all so much. Please, remember to take care of your health, breathe deeply, limit your social media time, stay educated, stay hydrated, stay kind to each other, and most importantly check in on your loved ones, your neighbors, and your local business owners.

Use this time to do things for yourself, because when have we truly been able to say we have nothing but time? This is not a vacation, and not the time to go out with your friends, or have social gatherings, or complain about the events being canceled. This is the time to start that garden you've always wanted to, take some time to declutter your home, learn a new skill or language off YouTube, practice yoga or movement of some sort daily, make new recipes, spend time with loved ones, get outside and spend time with nature, and do projects that you haven't had time to do before.

Although I am scared, and I am also excited for these new opportunities to grow and evolve, both myself and my business. Tell me what you're doing to occupy your time if your out of work? I'd love to hear your input on this situation and hear both your concerns and your messages of positivity!

Be well, my friends. Together, we will make it through this.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti - meaning peace for all humankind, peace for all living and non living beings, peace for the universe, peace for each and every thing in this whole cosmic manifestation.

From my heart to yours <3

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